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PRx Profile Rack Warranty


This product is warranted by PRx Performance LLC, to the original user-owner only, against defective materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the product. During the warranty period, or “lifetime” of the product, at the discretion of PRx management, if the product is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced without charge. Said “lifetime” warranty ends when this product is no longer usable for other reasons not mentioned previously. For service, contact PRx at 701-566-0452 or to obtain a Return Label. Any product shipped to PRx must have a Return Label and proof of original shipment date. The repaired or replacement product will be returned with transportation charges prepaid by PRx. This warranty does not cover defects in the product caused by ordinary wear and tear, abuse, misuse, overloading, accident (including shipping damage), improper maintenance, alteration, any other cause not the result of defective materials, workmanship, or gas shocks specific to Profile Racks. REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT IS THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY FOR DEFECTIVE PRODUCT UNDER THIS WARRANTY. THIS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANT ABILITY OR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF THIS PRODUCT. PRx PERFORMANCE LLC SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. PRx PERFORMANCE LLC reserves the right to make changes in the design or construction of our products without obligation to incorporate such changes in products already sold and without notice.